Fall 2017: Welcome to the New World (The New York Times)Check out my latest project -- a true comic -- about a Syrian family in the U.S.  (Click here to see all the comics.)  I have been following the family ever since they arrived, on Election Day.  All was going well in the U.S., until they received a death threat...

Spring 2017: A Triathlon Is Easy Next to Soviets and Polio (Wall Street Journal): A personal essay on my wife, her hardcore family, and the the race of our lives.  Click here to read.  

Spring 2017: Behind the Scenes of my Comic (The New York Times)My editor, Bruce Headlam, wrote a lovely story about how my comic came to be.  Read about it in the Times Insider.

Spring 2017: Edgeland (Penguin): My new novel just came out!  Learn more by clicking here.

Spring 2017: The New Underground Railroad (The New Yorker): At a safe house in Buffalo, asylum seekers from around the world prepare to flee the U.S. for Canada.  (Click here to read.)  There is also a radio version of this story, which aired on "The New Yorker Radio Hour" on NPR.  It has different characters and narratives.  It's a totally separate story.  (Click here to listen.) 




They came from Syria and arrived on Election Day...
Follow my graphic narrative in the New York Times...